About Us - MMA 

A World of Learning

Our Vision

To establish and maintain an accessible, quality Montessori education for our students. 


Our Mission


To educate through student focused learning and traditional Montessori teachings. We will provide exceptional education in a safe and welcoming environment to foster leadership, independence, self – confidence and innovative thinking in our students. This mission ensures that the child is academically motivated, artistically creative, physically active and emotionally supported.


Goals of Education


The goals of education within a Montessori program align with those set forth by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and foster a community where children are respected, valued and loved so they can grow through their learning, into  independent and knowledgeable adults who will contribute positively to our society.  Click here to read our detailed Goals of Education. 


Our Classroom

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In our cassa classroom there are many activities for your child to learn practical life, sensorial, math, and language skills.  These activities are learned in a manner that allows your child to succeed without frustration.   They are able to explore at their own pace all aspects of learning in an environment that allows them to discover the joy of learning.  Your child will learn self control, inner discipline, respect for themselves, others and their environment.



Practical Life

In the practical life area your child is allowed to explore activities such as spoon transferring, pouring, water exercises, personal care routines, polishing, washing, food preparation, learning to handle buttons, zippers, scissors and many more activities designed to develop self discipline, strengthen fine motor control and to help your child prepare for independence.  Grace, courtesy, care for self and the environment are all values instilled in the Practical Life activities.




The sensorial area develops the muscular, visual, hearing and smell senses.  These senses are discovered through special material Dr. Montessori developed for your child to understand the sensorial part of their life. Observation and problem solving abilities are strongly developed in this area of the classroom. 




As your child develops in the Montessori environment, they are prepared to encounter more concrete math materials and concepts. In our math area your child is first introduced to numbers and their quantities. Dr. Montessori discovered that a child who could count and recognize the symbols 1-9 could as easily learn to count in quantities of hundreds and thousands. Specifically designed Montessori materials are presented and in such a way that students will understand putting together, taking away, multiplication, dividing and provide a concrete exploration of the decimal system.  They will be able to read, understand and be excited to learn math equations and math exercises. 


The Montessori Language Arts curriculum begins the moment the child enters the classroom. Writing is taught before reading through the direct and indirect aims of the Montessori Practical Life and Sensorial works. In the Montessori preschool / Kindergarten Language curriculum your child will learn recognition and the sounds of letters for reading.  They will also develop the fine motor control and hand muscles required for writing.


Lower Elementary 


The Lower elementary program at Megaw's Montessori Academy serves children in grades 1-3. The Montessori elementary classroom provides a positive learning space where children can grow both socially and academically. The Saskatchewan curriculum is followed in conjunction with the use of Montessori materials. Lessons are individualized and presented at the right time to promote increased learning. 

In order for the child to become successful in a Montessori classroom, they need to follow the steps that will lead them to success not frustration.  By way of example the child must learn to crawl, before they can walk, and walk before they can run and jump. The Montessori Method is designed so the child can run with self accomplishment and pride.