The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say,

"The children are now working as if I did not exist."


Mrs. Cindy Megaw is a a qualified Montessori teacher who is committed to the values which the Montessori program requires. The educational program at this preschool in Regina is exclusively Montessori based.


The Montessori educational program is a complete program and is true to Dr. Maria Montessori's vision of ensuring children find sucess in learning. Mrs. Megaw received her training from Mrs. Zillah Juyal, a well known Montessori advocate and owner of the Montessori College of Western Canada.

In June 2016, Cindy retired from teaching.  

This is the letter she shared upon her retirement. 

"Megaw's Montessori is a wonderful school. The program builds a strong learning and social foundation that provides an easy transition to Kindergarten and Grade One.

My oldest son spent three years at Megaw's Montessori. He is currently in Grade two and is a confident student who excels in math and reading.  My second son is in his third year of Montessori and is following the same pattern as my oldest.  I plan to enroll my daughter as soon as she's old enough! Thank you Cindy for providing a safe and respectful learning environment for my children."

~ Jessica Walker


I have been very impressed with MMAP throughout the year my two boys have attended.  Not only have they gained confidence and a love for learning, but the program has instilled a curiosity and appreciation for both music and french.  My oldest son has enjoyed the second language so much he has asked to continue on in a french program.  Words cannot say how much my husband and I appreciate not only what our children have learned, but the love and care that is shown to them daily.   Cindy is a wonderful, professional, respectful and caring teacher who will take into consideration the needs of each individual child.  I would highly recommend this program to any parent.

~ Andrea

Our son is in his second year of Mrs. Megaw's Montessori Preschool program and our daughter is now attending as well.  We have been impressed with the program since the first time we toured the classroom and met with Mrs. Megaw.  We feel that this program is benefitting our children in many ways the practical life, sensorial, language, and math components of the program are taught in a way that allows children to develop independence, confidence and problem solving skills that will provide a valuable base for future learning.   We like how Mrs. Megaw has incorporated education about things such as Souls Harbour in the children's activities.  Mrs. Megaw  and Mrs. Webster are wonderful and compassionate teachers and we are very happy that our children could attend this program.  We highly recommend this program to other parents.


As a parent whose child has made MMAP his second home for the past 4 years, I have witnessed my son blossom with confidence and independence in his educational as well as practical, everyday life.  Enrolling him was the best decision I ever made!  Cindy is a wonderful teacher and I give her so much credit for what my son has come away with after attending her school.  My favorite thing about the program is that each child is treated with respect and encouragement in the positive learning environment that Cindy provides - a result of her extensive knowledge of the Montessori Method and the understanding and compassion she has for children.  I love that each day my child can choose what he wants to work on or if he wants to have a snack, and he can help himself when he's ready.  There isn't any pressure or concern for getting left behind.  He gets to focus his attention on whatever is interesting to him and if he feels like doing the same thing every day or something different, he can.  MMAP has empowered him, nurtured his love for learnng and built his confidence.


~ Jolene


Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool provides a clean positive environment for children to learn and grow.  Cindy's knowledge, experience and ability to teach this amazing program strengthened my daughter's confidence, independence, physical awareness, communication skills and problem solving.  Using these skills has helped my daughter with patience, understanding and a desire to learn.

Cindy and her staff stand above the rest!!!!!

~ Dallas Franklin


Over five years ago we walked through the doors of Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool with my oldest son (who is now 9).  Cindy was there to greet us and give us a tour.  We instantly knew that this was where our boys would spend their preschool years, and we couldn't register fast enough.  From the moment we met Cindy it was obvious that she loved kids, cared about their success and had a special way to encourage them through their work.  There is an amazing mix of language, mathematics, and practical skills such as opening cans, transfering liquids and cutting vegetables.  I was impressed each time the boys came home to
quickly tell me the names of the continents and where they were on the map.  

Both boys attended MMAP right up until the end of their Kindergarten year.  While at first I was concerned they may be tired after a full day of activity, they didn't miss a beat at Kindergarten or at MMAP.  When my oldest first started grade one in French immersion, I was again thankful that he had his early educational start with Cindy and her staff.  Because he knew math and how
to read, he quickly grasped the French language and was excited to begin the reading log that was assigned by his teacher.

MMAP is also a great option for working parents. Rather than needing to leave work early to pick up your child at 11:30 am, there is an option to choose the supervised lunch program where you are able to send your child's lunch to school. My kids enjoyed having this extra time to socialize with their friends before heading to Kindergarten for the afternoon.   My youngest son just graduated from MMAP, and he will miss his Montessori life, I am confident he will begin grade one in the fall with the same head start that his older brother had.


Cindy - Thank you so much for the passion, dedication and fun that you bring to school every day.  We will miss you!!

~ Brenda and Darcy