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Principal/Owner: Mrs. Jennifer Webster  
Business Phone Number:  (306) 591-4861
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Jennifer Webster

Jennifer is a Montessori trained teacher who  is committed to the values which a traditional Montessori program requires. 


Jennifer's experience with the Montessori method stems as far back as her childhood where Montessori values and activities where presented as part of her daily home life. In turn she was excited to present the same opportunity for her own daughter and was fortunate enough to watch her child grow and flourish through Megaw's Montessori Academy's preschool/Kindergarten program. 


During this time Jennifer was working as a teacher's aide in the public school system and a therapeutic interventionist through the Autism Resource Centre. For several years Jennifer gained experience working with children with educational and behavioural challenges and knew that providing enriched learning experiences for children would be her life goal and that there was no better way to provide this then through a Montessori program. 


The ability to train under a professionally trained and dedicated Montessori teacher is not an experience easily obtained. In 2011, Jennifer was excited to expand on her education and began Montessori apprenticeship under Cindy Megaw.  This proved to be an invaluable part of her Montessori understanding and in 2015, Jennifer completed her apprenticeship and received her Montessori teacher certification through NAMC. In 2016, Cindy Megaw announced her retirement and after 5 years of in classroom training the time was right for Jennifer to take the next step of this journey and become the principal and owner of Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool. 


The honour of continuing to provide Regina residents with traditional Montessori programming while watching children as they grow a passion for learning is the fuel that ignites Mrs. Webster's passion for teaching young children. 



Chelsea Johnson
Maureen Taylor

Our school is growing and the demand for additional staff was met by Maureen Taylor who joined the MMAP team in November 2016 as our second teacher's assistant.


She is a newly retired Elementary teacher who enjoyed a career spanning 31 years in the profession. 


Maureen continues to be passionate about supporting and guiding the development of the young child.


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Chelsea is our head teacher's assistant and is thrilled to be a part of the MMAP team. She completed Level 1 Early Childhood Education in June 2011 at SIAST.  As she completes her second year of classroom assistance she looks forward to beginning her Montessori teacher certification in the near future. 


This is Chelsea's second year working in a Montessori classroom and she admires that each child works at their own pace and is not forced into new work that they do not understand. Previously working in large daycare environments she enjoys the calmness, independent learning and educational experiences a Montessori classroom can provide.