Learn more about Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool from past parents...

Megaw’s Montessori Academy Preschool has been a great learning place for our 3 children.  Through the MMAP program, our children had been introduced to practical skill, sensorial, mathematical and language concepts that have helped them prepare for elementary school.  During their years there, we saw them grow week by week in their knowledge and curiosity of the world.  By graduation time, we saw that our children had grown so much in the four different area. They had grown into young, confident children ready for the challenge of elementary school.


Mrs. Webster is very organized and great at communicating with parents, which helps the school year run smoothly. She makes each student feel very special and helps them become an independent, confident, and respectful student.  

~ Yayoi and Jason


I've sent my daughter to Megaw's Montessori preschool for two years and will also send her for a third year during her kindergarten year.  I am also sending my son for his first year next year.


We've seen our daughter gain confidence throughout the time she has been going to preschool.  Initially she wouldn't talk and refused to talk at the first Christmas concert.  To this year, she said her lines and danced with the other kids.  

When I drop her off, I know she will have the opportunity to practice and learn skills that will help her in elementary school.  


I've also noticed that she has gotten much better a counting and number recognition.  When we play "Go Fish" she will ask for the King or the Jack using the phonetic pronunciations for K and J.  She can also play "Go Fish" with no assistance and can do a matching game with an entire deck of cards.  And sometimes she will even beat Mom and Dad.


~ Craig & Florence Norman


“Our son has been attending MMAP for the past 3 years.  Jennifer Webster and her team have worked very hard to help our son gain the skills of concentration, persistence, confidence and a love of learning during his time at the school.  Montessori also provided him with the fundamentals of mathematics and reading which has provided him with a very solid foundation for Kindergarten.  He will be going into grade 1 this upcoming Fall and we feel very confident that he has had a great head start for the remaining school years that lie ahead of him.   We are very fortunate to have strong educators such as Jennifer Webster and her team during such a key time in our son’s development.”


~Mary Jo & Ted Jaleta

Both our children have attended Megaw's Montessori Academy Preschool, and currently attend a French Immersion school, in Kindergarten and Grade 3.  We feel that the montessori program has benefitted both children in their easy adjustment to the French Immersion progam.  Because montessori has already taught some of the mathematical and language concepts learned in the early years in school, they have been able to focus their learning on the French language - rather than trying to learn both the language and the concept at the same time.  As a result, our children are strong in both!

~ Allyson and Takis


Our children have attended Megaw's Montessori Preschool Academy since 2013.  The transition between Cindy Megaw's retirement to Jennifer Webster as Principal of the preschool has been seamless.  Jennifer's passion for Montessori teaching method is obvious in the day-to-day operations of the program and Chelsea and Maureen compliment Jennifer's vision so well.  My daughter is comfortable in this learning environment and thriving.  She will be well prepared for Kindergarten come the Fall of 2017.  We plan to have our youngest child enrolled here as well when she is old enough to attend.

Jennifer is organized and is an excellent communicator.

~ Debbie